Because of its ease in maintenance and durability Wallpapers Wall Covering have become very popular in Modern Houses. Not only at Homes, but you will see Wallpapers Wall Covering in Corporate offices, Big Hotels, Restaurants, etc. You have a variety of designs and types to choose from to complete the look of your theme for your House or Business meeting rooms or party halls or restaurants or the best of suites, where it be…

For homes Floral pattern are fantastic. Even plain soothing colours for homes is a trend these days. If you looking for corporate purpose or small offices then you shall either choose for Plain Wallpapers Wall Covering, or geometric patterns like stripes, bricks,etc or textured ones but nice light or soothing colours again.

Too dark and stricky colours will hurt your eyes. For hotels and restaurants – florals and other antique patterns are available to give a rich look. For other themed restaurants, there are bold patterns, funny patterns which are customised. This is all about designs and patterns for Wallpapers Wall Covering.

Wallpapers Wall Covering are available in two type of material namely Vinyl coated and non-woven. Vinyl Wallpapers Wall Covering are thick and more stain-resistant and easier to clean . These type of wallpaper is best for areas prone to high humidity and more access like kitchens, bathrooms and hallways .

Non-woven’s are thin but they look very rich when applied to walls. And thats why Non- woven are costlier then Vinyl Wallpapers Wall Covering. They are great for bedrooms and living rooms especially for areas with lower moisture levels. You have both options in this type breathable and non-breathable. Non- wovens are both washable and easy to apply and remove.