Tile & Stone Installation – Grouts

Let’s understand what Grout means… Grouts are tile joint fillers used to join adjoining tiles laid either on floor or walls. Conventionally, white cement was used to fill the tile joints. But white cement easily breaks down due to daily maintenance which leads to dirt and stain in tile joints, water seepage, fungus and bacteria

Is Italian Marble costly ? Yes but its worth it

Many people strongly believe that Italian marble is very costly and then start looking for all other options. See I think everything should be compared apple to apple, Whether you opt for tiles or wooden flooring or mosaic flooring or Italian marble or anything. Every material will have its own pros and cons. And ultimately

Comparing Italian Marble to Vitrified Tiles & Indian Marble

If you are renovating your Home there are several options. Irrespective of whether money is criteria or not, why would someone use Italian marble compared to Vitrified tiles or Indian marble. Italian Marble vs Vitrified Tiles Italian Marble is one of the best material available for use inside Residential space. It is a natural homogenous