When a Home Owner starts shopping for Material selection, one most important puzzle he has to solve is “Tile Selection”. Home owners gets confused & surrounded by questions like
“How much are Tiles prices ?”
“Which tile to select ?”
“How much to spend on Tiles?”

Let me talk only about branded Vitrified tiles. Tile prices in Mumbai or for that matter in any place in India depends on Size & design.

2′ by 2′ or 2 feet by 2 feet Tiles are the most common size. Now lets say you are looking at branded Tiles form companies like Nitco Tiles, Somany Tiles or Johnson Tiles . Tiles range can start at Rs 40 per sq. ft. RAK Ceramics Tiles are costlier – can start Rs 65 per sq. ft.

Multiple Choice of designs & sizes

Multiple Choice of Designs & Sizes

Next, lets say you are looking at 800 mm x 800 mm also sometimes refered as 32″ x 32″ (32 inches by 32 inches) . This size is also quite popular. Price will increase. Next if you move to 1 meter by 1 meter (1m x 1m) then prices will go up further. Prixe is always as per sq. ft. but rates go as size of the tile increases.

Mumbai & Pune, both have depo of Tiles or Tiles price in mumbai & Tiles price in Pune would be quite same. Both places have Octroi. However, if you have home in small towns/cities – it doesnt have Octroi ( Jakat ) which will bring down price by 2 or 3 percent, however cost of transportation will go up. So for branded Tiles pretty much rate is same across places.

Having said that, in Tile Prices in Mumbai or some bigger cities – if it has factory, big Tile Depot & there is stiff competition – then prices might be low compared to other places. But even then we are talking about rupee or two less per sq. ft.

If your need of flooring, say 4000 sq. ft. or more, you can really work out a deal with these Tile companies. If you provide them with the plan & paper work & design details. They can make provision of Tiles with some legal reduction on Taxes up to 4% .

Also each Tile Design come with Premium, Commercial, Reject labels.

Premium tiles are bought by Individual Home Owners. Commercial grade tiles are not as good as premium, these are bought by many builders & people who are building some place for business or sale.

Tiles with Reject label are bought for Government projects, don’t ask me why, you very well know it.