Tile adhesive is ready mixture that consists of selected fine sand, and other additives to improve its essential properties for laying tiles. There are different tile adhesives available that are used as per the work area. High performance tile adhesive can be used to lay tiles on existing tiles, on polished cement, on wooden substrates or on other special substrates.

Cracks are usually developed in tiles cause of Cement and sand mixture that is used for fixing tiles which doesn’t form a level base to cover the entire tile surface. Moreover, cement shrinks over a period of time, leading to hollow spaces under the tile. This is what causes the cracking of tiles or the hollow sounding tiles.

Still worried about crack formation in tiles !!!

Here’s a perfect solution to it.

MYK Laticrete Tile Adhesive…

MYK Laticrete Tile Adhesives offer a problem free fixing and installation of tile and stone. MYK Laticrete Tile Adhesive is a factory made dry powder of cement and other components which is mixed with water or special liquid additive to form a paste. This paste is applied on the floor concrete and the tile is pressed on it to complete installation. MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesives provide:

• Full bedding (cover entire surface) to the tile/stone
• Strong and problem-free installation as compared to the conventional method.

MYK offers different adhesives used for different purposes.

MYK Laticrete Thin Set Adhesive

Thin-set adhesives are single component comprising of cement, polymers and carefully selected aggregates. The maximum thickness of the thin-set adhesive bed is up to 12 mm. Thin-set refers to the thickness of the adhesive used while laying tiles which is based on the size of the tile/stone.

• Single component – just add water
• High bond strength
• Easy to install – fast and economical
• Economical

i. Latex Fortified thin set Adhesive

Latex fortified thin-set adhesives are 2 component thin-set adhesives. Latex Fortified thin-set adhesives are a factory prepared blend of carefully selected raw materials, Portland cement and graded aggregates. Liquid polymers (Latex) are added to adhesive powders to increase bond strength. Best suited for Exterior and Interior installation of ceramic, vitrified, Porcelain, Engineered stones and Natural Stones. The exclusive Latex Fortified thin-set adhesive systems from MYK LATICRETE are designed to install tiles on walls, Dry wall boards and even existing floors.

ii. Polymer Modified Thin Set Adhesives

They are single component thin set adhesives but with high polymer modification. Most suitable for exterior and interior installation of tiles and stones on floors and walls. Most varieties of tiles and stones can be installed using Polymer modified thin set adhesives.


• High strength formula
• Ultimate flexibility
• Improved shock and impact resistance
• Can withstand thermal stress
• Easy to install – fast and economical
• Hassle-free and long lasting

Epoxy adhesives

Epoxy adhesives are 3 component, 100% solid epoxy adhesive used for challenging applications such as installation of tile/stone on grid iron, metal, steel, aluminum, copper and glass. As high performance adhesives they are used where high bond strength is required. It is also suitable for installation of moisture sensitive marbles and agglomerates.


• For interior & exterior areas
• Very high bond strength
• Shock & impact resistant
• High chemical resistance for industrial and commercial installations

AAC Block Adhesive

AAC BLOCK ADHESIVE is a factory prepared blend of carefully selected raw materials, portland cement and graded aggregates and polymers. Designed for use with water to produce high strength thixotropic mortar, for laying aerated light weight concrete, fly ash bricks, cement hollow blocks, cellular concrete blocks or smoothing over the block work surface in layers of upto 12mm thickness, that meet and exceed the requirements of National and International Standards.

Spot Bonding Adhesives

LATAPOXY® 310 epoxy anchor adhesive is a two component non-sag high strength epoxy chemical anchor ideally suited for spot fixing or attaching marble or stone slabs on walls and for installing marble tiles or heavy tiles in ceilings. LATAPOXY® 310 is ideal for external facades.

The superiority of MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesives is what has made them the first choice of those who demand the best. Offering you the complete guarantee of a sound, crack-free and durable tile surface.