Yes! You heard that right Kajaria into making of Stainless steel pipes. Here do not get mistaken with Kajaria Tile Company. These are two different companies’manufacturing different products.

Kajaria Pipes was established in Maharashtra by father son duo- Shri Padam Kajaria & Shri Pankaj Kajaria in 1969. Setting it as a family business they were soon known as “CAST IRON KING” in plumbing industry.

Expanding its association with leading plastic manufacturers “PRINCE” and “ASTRAL” won them “LARGEST ALL INDIA DISTRIBUTOR” award. Their product profile includes “SUPREME INDUCTRIES “in Pune, “EVERLAST COMPOSITS” (FRP Manhole Covers), “HEPCO” and many more.

Their vision lead them to introduce Kajaria Stainless Steel- an infallible international piping system. Kajaria Stainless Steel offers highest quality with latest technology and is cost efficient product that has modernized the plumbing industry. Not only India, but it is widely used in countries like Japan, Germany, UK, Australia, and many more.

Advantages of Kajaria Stainless Steel

Corrosion Resistance

Stainless Steel has lowest corrosion rate among other metals and to add to it there’s a protective passive film layer that makes it unreactive in potable i.e. drinking waters. GI i.e. Galvanized plumbing system corrode easily resulting to immediate replacement.

Most Hygienic material

Low Corrosion rate and free flow prevents algae build up and bacterial growth. The smooth surface of Stainless Steel plumbing system, doesn’t allow particles and salt deposits to build up thus preventing blockages. These advantages safeguard purity of water.

Kajaria Stainless Steel plumbing system meets all food grade standards, and are therefore also preferred for Hospitals, Water Treatment Plants and Pharmaceutical industry too.

Superior in Strength and Durable

Stainless steel is one of the strongest materials making pipes highly durable and resulting in longer life. It provides a maintenance free life for almost 50 to 100 years.

Earthquake, Fire and Temperature Resistant
Due to its ductile nature, it can endure vibrations and shocks making it Earthquake proof.

Incase of fire, the material doesn’t burn and no toxic substance or fumes are produced. Also it doesn’t block the nozzle like carbon steel pipes.

Stainless steel have very high melting point that bear high temperature of over 100 degree C.Stainless steel stays unaffected preserving it strength and maintaining its flow at such high temperatures too.Also these pipes stay unaffected at low temperatures like PVC.

Easy to Install

The Pressfit technology has made installation easier and faster even with low skills. There is no heat, electricity or toxic chemical required to join pipes. These SS pipes are light in weight and easy to handle while installation.

Cost Effective

High strength and no need to thread the pipes, makes it fit into reduced wall thickness as compared to GI pipes. To add to it, the Pressfit technology radically saves on labor cost with low skilled worker. Owing to its durability and corrosion resistance, it aids avoid expensive and replacement and interior costs.


Kajaria SS pipes are used for all three, Residential, Industrial and Commercial purposes.

• For Residential Purpose – Used for water supply and solar heating
• For Industrialand Ship Building Purpose- Used for compressed air, Chemicals, Gas, Firefighting systems and Sprinkler System
• For Commercial Purpose – Used in Hospitals, Schools and Hotels