Recently we got an email from a Pune Home Owner – “I live in Pune and i am obsessed with changing the look of my house by getting it re-painted or adding textures. Having heard about wallpapers, can I opt for wallpapers instead of painting and how often do I need change this wallpaper?”

Our Reply –
“Because of its availability and easy installation, wallpapers have become quite popular. With your obsession, wallpapers will prove to be the best option as it will not only save your time, but also add style and design to your home. We have a variety of wallpapers to choose from, say it plain wallpapers, colored wallpapers, textured ones to 3-dimensional ones. Wallpapers are easily installed and changeable. Now-a-days you get washable wallpapers, where you can use a get cloth and wipe if any stain or mark on it. If maintained and cleaned regularly, wallpapers can stay for as good as 8-10 years. You can change wallpapers every 4-5 years if you want a new look to you home/room.”

Many Home Owners have leakage issue & it has created stains on the wall. For such Home owner is Wall Paper an option at all ??? And what about outside wall , is it possible to do wall paper on exterior ?

Wallpaper Leakage Problem

Wallpaper Peeling Beacause of Leakage Problem

Well, Wallpapers are absolute NO NO on the walls where there’s a leakage problem. Because of leakage problem the wallpaper will start peeling and it may turn pale. So before installing, check with leakage problems and if any, they need to be repaired first. I would suggest you to think of other option then wallpaper for outside wall, because natural resources like sun light, rainfall, etc. will effect wallpaper’s life. It will either fade sooner than its life or may wear out easily.