We spoke about Economic Home renovation of 1 BHK and Deluxe Home Renovation few days back. Adding to same note heres example of how cost of Bathroom Repair can vary in a big range.

Lot depends on what Building material you choose to use. In city like Mumbai Pune , Delhi, Bangalore – the simplest Commode seat can cost you upto Rs 500. Commode is selected as per plan of WC changes.

Between what is WC ? A small box you see in floor plan with WC in it? What is it?
The bathroom area on a floor plan is often labeled “WC,” or water closet. A WC is a space designed for a single occupant and is separate from the bathing area. This area might be a separate room or a private area within a bathroom.

The deluxe (mean high end or costlier one) seat can be of Rs. 3000 . This was just one example of how cost varies on what you decide to choose.

There is always a small margin or change in Initial estimate. Say abt 10% plus minus. And the reason being you always get to choose products out of 2 – 3 good options. Good Contractor recommends you and points you items to choose which fits your requirement. But Home Owner always has say in what he wants to choose.

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