When you are planning to get a Modular Kitchen, some of the prime requirements are : place to keep utensils, grain storage, dish stand, cup & saucer stand & cutlery. These are some of the common things all Indian Modular Kitchen consists of.

Additional requirements depends on the client’s need. If they need more space for grain storage or need shutters for containers, those are designed accordingly. If your Kitchen is small in size, then your modular kitchen is planned in such way that it efficiently use all the space.

Requirement of modular kitchen according to different cities of India

As such there is nothing major variation when a Modular kitchen is built in different cities for example Delhi Mumbai Chennai Bangalore. However one thing we have noticed is Southern cities of India give lot more importance to planning. Northern cities like Delhi, Indore think design is free :)

In South, people still like touch of traditional design. Few prefer Modern modular kitchen with all straight lines. They like to use teak wood with carving on it. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi are more in to Modern modular kitchen.

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