Electrical looping is loop/loops created between two light with 1 single wire connected to multiple fittings. Usually looping is done for neutral wire. Neutral wire is a return wire for the current in an electrical circuit. That is it carries electricity from the output device back to the service panel/board.

As neutral wire carries charge while returning, it doesn’t get heated up much. Also I t becomes necessary to loop neutral wire is it is difficult to pull neutral wire for longer distances and have separate neutral wire for each and every light/fan connection.

Let me give you an example to help you understand it better. Suppose you have 10 lights in your living room, the neutral wire gets looped between these 10 lights internally and you have 1 neutral wire finally get connected to the main switch point to complete the circuit. And this is how and why you have 1 single circuit for 10 lights and in-turn 1 switch that controls these lights. This loping of wire done inside the house is called as internal looping.

Few advantages of having internal looping are-

  1. Labor work for doing wiring for every single point is reduced, therefore saving on your material and labor expense.
  2. Where ever loping needs to be done, thicker wire is used. And thicker the wire, more durable it is.
  3. If internal looping wouldn’t be done, the number of wires and color coding would increase, thus causing lot of confusing for connecting the wires.

External Looping

Looping of wires done outside home i.e. from your MCB box with neighbors MCB box, then its cheating. Do not do this, but I’ll explain you how it is done so that you don’t get cheated by this trick.

For external looping the neutral phase of house 1 is connected to neutral phase of its neighbor house. Now what happens is that house 1 will receive its electricity bill much lower than it used to, while the neighboring house will receive bill much higher than what he actually uses. To avoid getting into troubles and paying more than required, do not try external looping and save yourself from this trick.