Lately Colour match has become very popular concept in Mumbai & many other places in India amongst Solid Surface professionals.

Let say you used certain colour on your wall or you made a panel with some colorful laminate. Now you have some particular colour from wall or from this laminate which you want match. You order Solid surface material of same colour. If you give small piece of laminate to Solid surface professional, he will go back to factory & manufacture solid surface items in same colour.

It sounds so interesting but there are major caveats.

If it is matter of matching colours that are available in High Quality manufactured Solid surface sheets you are in good hands.

If colour is unique, not available for some reason in local market, it will get manufactured
inside local factory. As mentioned earlier quality of Solid Surface material manufactured locally or is not as good as imported ones(Korean made material).

For inlay work you need small quantity, if not common colour, no one will be able import small quantity for you. If you say I need purple, I don’t keep purple and nobody keeps purple.

Sometimes colours gets discontinued. After few years say you have to get solid surface repaired or add new part & if that colour is discontinued – you have two options. Use closest colour readily available or get it made locally.

Hence for colour match, some may take sunmica (Laminate), others may take PU for color match and rest might match it with the old existing corian.

Most Architects & Designers keep a Solid Surface catalog handy and then they decide what color we want to match with to see whether it is available. That gets a little easier because paint you can change the shade; I cannot change the shade of the solid surface material.

For small quantity inlay material for specific requirement there are a few manufacturer in local market who do acceptable job. You can get it made from them and be satisfied that they won’t use cheap material. but you cannot rely for quality from everyone manufacturing here locally in Mumbai or India.