Our contractors visit homes on request, they take measurements, understand requirements & share any ideas. Later, in 2 – 3 days, we send back Itemised Estimate.

Many Home owners award us the work. However if there is major furniture involved I am usually not very positive to get the work.

Problem is – Carpenters have groomed them-self to beat any estimate. You show him estimate for making a bed or wardrobe, they will give you an offer for same-thing for 10% cheaper.

At one client, our furniture estimate was beaten up by another carpenter by 30% discount. This home owner was kind enough to show us all details, we didn”t win the contract but it was eye opening experience.

Things with carpenter is – that the labour wages are very low. A skilled civil / mason worker gets paid Rs 600 – Rs 900 per day. However a skilled carpenter gets wage of just Rs 200 – Rs 350 per day. These are market rates & prevailing wages.

So, unfortunately, many Carpenters have groomed them-self to compromise on material quality.

Few common ways carpenter compromises :

1) Quotes you for 19mm ply but uses 12 mm

Let say you paid for wardrobe with 19mm ply but half of furniture is done using 12mm . Once there is laminate on both side of a ply – there is no way for a common layman to tell if that ply was 19mm or 12mm

2) Quality of ply

Within marine ply you can get variety. Just because it is marine ply it doesn”t mean it is good. You can buy a marine ply sheet from Rs 600 to Rs 1200.

3) Hardware
a simple item like screws can be compromised so forget about hinges & telescopes. Technically where it was required to use 1 inch screw, 1/2 inch will get used.

4) kickbacks from plywood store
Store owners, retailers, to get more business, easily prepare bill of Rs 100 when really material bought was of Rs 60.

In our case we have strict instructions to all our team members & departments. Quote for quality service & we will take work only if we get it. ContractorBhai.com wants to stay in business for atleast next 25 years. We don”t work by beating the price & in turn offer low quality result.

I have been talking to people on how do we position our self in such situation. One big suggestion we have got is to become more & more transparent. Since we are not doing anything wrong so there is no problem in becoming more transparent. However it is still possible for a contractor or carpenter in your neighborhood to beat the prices without you (Home owner) knowing the real story.online casino

If you have suggestions for us, PLEASE let us know.