Q We bought a new house and i wish for Modular Kitchen. What is most important thing i shall be ready with to have a modular kitchen?
A – The First and most important thing you need to have is your budget. Secondly, you need to have your kitchen layout with you (ask your builder for the same). Then we need to see whether the platforms constructed are adjustable or not. For this there are designers at showroom who guide if any alterations can be made. But now a days builders give well constructed kitchen walls and platforms, so you really wouldn’t require any major changes like breaking or constructing the same. If you go in the market, you will find many ready designer modular kitchen that easily fit in these kitchen. Minor adjustments like changing the base, altering the height, adding a section can be made. You also have an option of getting the kitchen designed as per your choice.
Q – What are other physical factors that shall be present before we start planning for modular kitchen?
A – The flooring and at-least one electric point should be there, which is normally given by the builders. Other additions like furniture, plumbing work, extra electric points for refrigerator, microwave, lights, etc. can be made as per the design.

Q – According to you, what is the position of Modular Kitchen in Non-Metro cities and small towns? What is the reason for it being not so popular in these place?

A – In cities, Modular kitchen have become a trend in a way, but in smaller towns which aren’t developed yet, people are unaware of it. You can say they have not even seen it. So unless and until it is shown to them what is Modular Kitchen, explain its uses, the benefits or advantages, they will not know how easy n convenient it is to have a Modular Kitchen. They have a fixed mindset of carpentry work. They would call the carpenter and get things made. It is assumed Modular Kitchen to be an expensive thing, because of which people living in smaller towns and Non- Metro Cities do not make an effort to go into the market to seeabd gather information. The presumption of it being costly fears them to acknowledge themselves of its use, cost and benefits. You will often hear them complaining about budgets and that Modular Kitchens are expensive and they can’t afford it. Modular Kitchens can be re-designed or made and many a times are available in all price range. Moreover, a Modular Kitchen can turn out to be lesser expensive then getting into th headache of carpentry work.

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