इंटीरियर डिजाईन टिप्स 1 BHK और 2 BHK के लिए

ContractorBhai.com पर हमें एक से ज़्यादा इ-मेल आये है "1 bhk (बेडरूम हॉल रसोई) के लिए इंटीरियर डिजाईन टिप्स" और "2 BHK घर को सजाने के विचार" विषय पर। हम इन सारे सवालों और चिंताओं को उपयोगी विचारों और जानकारी देते है। मैंने हमारे विशेषज्ञ ठेकेदार पार्टनर से पूछा, "2 BHK का रेनोवेशन या इंटीरियर

ઈંટેરીઅર ડિઝાઇન ટિપ્સ 1 બીએચકે અને 2 બીએચકે માટે

ContractorBhai.com પર અમને એક થી વધારે ઈ-મેલ આવ્યા છે, "1 બીએચકે (બેડરૂમ, હોલ, કિચન) માટે ઈંટેરીઅર ડિઝાઇન ટિપ્સ" અને "2 બીએચકે ઘર ને સજાવવા ના" વિષય પર. અમે આ બધા સવાલો અને ચિંતાઓ ના ઉપયોગી વિચારો અને જાણકારી આપીયે છીએ. મેં અમારા નિષ્ણાંત ઠેકેદાર સહયોગી ને પૂછ્યું, "2 બીએચકે નું નવીનીકરણ અથવા ઈંટેરીઅર ડિઝાઇન કઈ

Bought New House ? What to do about Modular Kitchen Before it’s too Late

Q :-- We bought a new house and i wish for Modular Kitchen. What is most important thing i shall be ready with to have a modular kitchen? A - The First and most important thing you need to have is your budget. Secondly, you need to have your kitchen layout with you (ask your

Interview with Surendra Bharvada, Carpenter in Pune

Tell us about yourself? I am working for last 15 years in Pune as Carpenter. Started my career as Carpenter with Job for a company named Kohinoor Interior Private Limited, Pirangut, Pune. In first 2 years I learned about making all kinds of furniture. This company use to take contracts for companies like Kirloskar, Tata

Interior Designs for 1 BHK and 2 BHK

At ContractorBhai.com we have got more then one email for topics like “Tips on home Interior Decoration for 1 bhk (bedroom Hall Kitchen)” and “Home Decorating Ideas of 2 bhk flat” . We reply all such questions and concerns with useful ideas and information. I asked one of our Expert Contractor Partner about “How is

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