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I asked one of our Expert Contractor Partner about “How is Home renovation or Interior Design different for 2 BHK compared to 1BHK” and here is what he had to share:

Me : What is the difference between 1bhk renovation and 2bhk renovation ? For example if one of my friend called a Contratcor for his flat which is 1 bhk flat and if I call the same person for renovation and mine is 2bhk flat so what really differs?

Contractor : In 2 bhk the difference is – one room is used by the parents and the additional room is used by kids. In this for kids bedroom you have to design things differently. In Kid’s bathroom you put different types of tiles; if the bathroom is big you put a tub for kids, there are small bath tubs, baby commodes. These are some of the major difference. Then comes the carpentry work, for kids the dressing table is different, bed is different so the cost of furniture is according to the area

Me: Talking about average cost per square feet, how does that differ from 1 BHK to 2 BHK

Contractor : There are certain items in Home Renovation that cost more. Bathroom and Kitchen are always big cost area mainly because of significant cost of bathroom plumbing and cost of kitchen platform and few other items. However things that go in other parts of Home are normally costing less. of-course we are talking about situation where you are looking for decent renovation within economics. Hence if your home has one Bathroom and a kitchen, one more additional room of 2 BHK will not be an expensive affair. hence the average cost per square feet will go down.

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