Many people select Italian marble blocks at Silvassa & get it cut into slabs. Silvasa marble market is on the outskirts of Mumbai, about 2 hour drive from Mumbai & is major hub for Italian marble in India.

Silvassa Marble Industries

Silvassa Marble companies sell Blocks & Slabs of Italian marble. Mostly suppliers get in to buying of blocks. Whereas Ordinary buyer like Home Owner or other individual professional avoids unnecessary risk as it’s an expensive Marble. Why will a home owner take so much of risk.

Silvassa Marble market

Silvassa Italian Marble are at competitive prices for slabs or block of marble, however home Owner perhaps requires certain fix amount of marble say 2000 sq ft or 3000 sq ft or say 5000 sq ft. You never know how much square ft will actually come out of block. If you fall short of that marble what will you do? Then again you will have to run for different marble. Or say if you have 10 slabs extra then what will you do ? You have to pick up the whole block. So you are left with 10-15 extra slabs, so for the Home Owners, best way is to buy it from a retail shop instead of getting into all these headaches.

Suppliers pick up a full block of Italian marble stone, they do this for living. Perhaps they are doing this since ages and have learnt it from their ancestors. They have financial capacity of taking the risk, they have proper arrangements for importing and agents to deal with all this and they have proper guys to get the whole thing cut it’s a whole system that they follow. Whereas an individual home owner doesn’t have all these privileges. In today’s time nobody has time to do all this. So you’ll just go see a group of silvassa marble slabs and book it.