Gypsum boards made by branded companies like Birla Super are easily available in market. Gypsum boards are made out of mixture of different content, measured very accurately. Hence chances of bad quality is low. In comparison to POP(Plaster of Paris) which is made & sold locally – can sometimes come in not a very correct mixture proportion.

Cost of False Ceiling differs between POP & Gypsum board. Gypsum boards are costlier than POP but good in quality.

In gypusm board some of the common big size are of 4×2 & 6×2 feet, thickness is 15 mm. Whereas POP is Hand-made. Usually not made more than 2×2 feet. POP has comparatively more risk of cracking. Gypusm broads are used in home and office. Gypusm broads are used for false-ceiling only.

POP is used for False-ceiling & on walls. People have started opting for Gypsum in recent times. Designs which are made by designer in round shape or cures are made in POP.