Concealed wiring is very common in modern homes these days. But what if an electrician’s suggest you to do concealed wiring through flooring ???

Well, Concealed wiring through flooring is not preferred by many home-owners as they think is not safe. But let me tell you that its 100% safe to have concealed wiring though flooring or ceiling. This is because the wires are enclosed in a PVC Conduit pipe. This Conduit is used for protection and routing of electrical wiring which is 100% safe. PVC conduit pipes are used for wiring done for lights & fans, TV cable wiring, telephone wiring, etc.

Hampering/breaking the column/beam is illegal

But if there’s a beam or column in the wall, then it shall not be hampered or broken for concealed wiring,. Breaking or making any changes with the column/beam is illegal. Floor concealed wiring shall be done as an alternative. If incase a home-owner still want ceiling concealed wiring, then there’s Sleeve pipe that are used for columns and beams.

Sleeve pipe

This sleeve pipes are flat, thin & flexible. The sleeve pipe thickness is same as wire thickness and can be easily bent due to its flexibility. For columns, the sleeve pipe is bent and then the wire is passed through it. Sleeve pipes are made of PVC material which makes it long lasting. There are different companies manufacturing Sleeve pipe but Precision company- an Indian company that manufactures the best quality sleeve pipe.

If you have hired a good licensed electrician he will use a sleeve pipe for places where required or suggest you right options. But there are few electricians who would do wiring on columns/beams, leave the wires loose and hide them with a POP. Which is unsafe and also creates maintenance problem like if the wire is stretched or needs to be pulled, then coz of POP covering done to the wire, it will not get pulled or stretched.

For textured walls, which is quite a trend and may home owners prefer, Casing Patti is used for concealed wiring. Casing patti is also made of PVC and is thin in nature. It is not as flexible as sleeve pipe.