Modular Kitchen is one of hot topics among home owners. This concept was not there few years back, in-fact no one in India had heard about it just 15 years back.

Today there are 100s of 1000s of small & big brands who design & sell Modular furniture. Previously only 2-3 big players did this work in organised manner. Sleek and Pune based Grace were first few companies to launch modular kitchen products in India.

Mumbai has been first city to adopt to this new concept. In last 10 years so many shops have started selling kitchen trolleys & take order for machine made shutters which are core to Modular kitchen.

Other metros have also started using it. smaller towns & cities are slow in adoption. as time passes they will also pick up . who doesn’t want modern & cool kitchen.

In Smaller cities of India there are no distributors nor any showroom where the people can see the actual sample of kitchen work. This will change as time passes.

Depending upon where and how many manufacterers are located in nearby area, prices also vary. These manufacturers design & make panels, carcasses , doors, shutter. They run heavy duty modern machines, which presses laminate & edge bending on plywood. This way custom doors & shutters are made which are completely wrapped in to designer laminate.

The people who have not seen it, when they come to know about modular kitchen they feel that it is too costly. However modular kitchens can be built according to your budget. It comes out to be very close to what you spend on a average traditional kitchen. If a client tells his budget then its becomes easy. has built modular kitchens in Mumbai & Pune from 60,000 to 1.5 lakh.

There are many benefits of such modern kitchen. Utility is good, handy and easy to use and again look wise it is really beautiful. There is no need to bend more as there are trolley and pullouts at regular places.So modular kitchen is very beneficial in today’s life.