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Modular Kitchen Expert from answering questions on Material used in Modular Kitchen.

Q) What are different materials used for Modular and semi-modular Kitchen counter tops?

A) Marble, Granite and Korean are the materials used for the same purpose.

Q)What is Corian a stone?

A) Corian solid surface, lot of times mistaken for Korean stone. Its Corian & not Korean. Its is not a stone. It is composed Acrylic polymer and Alumina Trihydrate (ATH), which is fiber like material.

Q) Which of these is expensive?

A) Corian is most expensive material and then Granite. Marble is the cheapest amongst the three.

Q) What are the benefits of each of them.

A) Granite is best for rough use as it is naturally hard and strong and that’s why it is more durable, it also offers scratch resistance and high level of heat resistance. Damaged granite can often be repaired to minimize the appearance of scratches or damage. Where as Korean develops scratches easily. Hot objects or the Hot Pots will melt the finish easily. But these days you do get heat proof/ heat resistant Korean tiles. Korean looks very beautiful wherever used bit it is very expensive. Re-polishing is the only solution if Korean stone/tile is chipped or develops scratches. More details for Cost of Kitchen Platform

Q) If you thinking economically, which of these is suggested for Kitchen counter tops?

A) Granite is the best option, be it modular or semi-modular kitchen. You have wide range of Granites to choose from. The price range starts from 150 per sq.feet to 350-400per sq.feet. Marble is very rarely or as good as not used for counter tops.

Q) What is the price range of Korean? And are these tiles available/sold at all retail shops.

A) Price for Korean tiles starts from 800 per sq feet. These tiles are available only those who have dealership. They are not sold at every retailers.

Q) The origin of Corian is Korea ?

A) Corian solid surface has nothing to do with country Korea. These are manufactured in China and many other countries too. A Company introduced Solid Surface Tiles which they randomly named Corian. Just how good quality marble were named Makrana Marble, similarly the Solid Surface tiles are now commonly called as Korean tiles.

This article is available in Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati languages.

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