There is difference in how things work in India compare to many other part of the world. In Indian culture lot of significance is given to re using things. We repair our TV set, Fridge etc and continue to use it till the time possible. In western world a TV set is a use & throw kind of item. Once gone bad, no one repairs it, just gets a new one.

Same Indian culture applies to people when it comes to Home renovation in India. We look for value for money and anything that can be lasted longer has to stay.

Let’s talk in terms of real life situation: You have a house in some Indian metro city, could be Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi or any other city, you are thinking about home renovation and looking for Home renovation Contractor. Some part of the house is pretty decent condition, like your Bedroom is simple & does satisfy your need, however bathroom & Kitchen needs some major fix.

Should you just renovate area of your house which needs attention? Or renovate complete house?

Will you save money by doing partial renovation? or Will be more economic to renovate complete house in long run?

Will it be good economic decision to spend some extra money and get whole house renovate?

Should you delay non-urgent work and get back to it sometime in future?

There is really no correct answer to any of above question however I will talk about some of the factors which lead you to one or the other decision

1) Budget

If you have limited budget and there is no way you can afford complete renovation. In such case Home owner goes for partial home renovation.

2) Urgency

You were not thinking about Home Renovation but something has broke and needs urgent attention. You decide to fix what is needed and don’t go for home renovation.

3) Economic decision

Home renovation is one of the important but non-urgent requirements. You live in a home, which is one of your biggest emotional and financial investments. Sometimes we not realize that the home we live in needs a upgrade and just live with it. If you think you have money to spend and your home definitely needs care. You should go for renovation. If correctly done it can increase quality of your life in general. If you end up doing partial fix every year for next few years, it will increase the cost and inconvenience. the better decision would be to do complete Home renovation.

4) Re-Using existing good stuff

In either case you decide to do partial of complete Home renovation, a good Contractor will recommend you what needs to go and what can be re used. This will bring down cost and give a sense of well being that you are not spending unnecessary money, but trying to be smart and re-use things material which can stay.
It is very important to find a experienced Home Renovation Contractor who is full of Ideas and honest in his work. A good Home renovation contractor should be able to make suggestions and help you in decision making process.

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Above post is one of the early post written on contractorbhai website, and I am so glad to share that it talks about much non biased idea. Article tells you abut situations when you don’t need to do complete renovation just do minor repair work. Yeah and we are Home Renovation, home Interior company. I doubt if you will find many Home Interior companies who will give you reasons for not doing renovation of the house.

Coming back to useful information. Home owners are always curious to find out what old items can be re-used inside their house.
Here are few quick tips –
Sliding Windows – if they are 10 years or older, do not try to re-use it. Main doors and internal doors if they are in bad shape, do not re-use it. Specially if builder gave this door, very likely they will be in bad shape after 10-12 years.

Sand under flooring – When you break flooring, many times there is lot of good quality sand below your floor, check with contractor if that can be re-used. If you dont talk about it, your contractor will sell it or use it inside your house for free without your knowledge.

Old furniture – if wood is really old, it is like gold, don’t throw it unless there is no way to keep it. You will not find same quality wood again.

Electrical & Plumbing – except for fans, I really cannot think of any other items to keep. Not worth to re-use them.

Grills – if in good shape, paint it and re-use it. Purpose of Grill is safety, check quality, if it looks liek it is strong enough to last another 10 years, use it.