Quick Tips to Senior Friendly Interiors

Have elderly parents or grandparents in your home? Or planning to move with them? If your answer is yes, then it time for you to think through an Elderly / Senior friendly Interior concepts. These Ideas or concepts will help elderly one’s move around each room easily without any having to go through any

What really happens in Redevelopment projects

About Author : Rahul Chhedha, is a Building Redevelopment Enthusiast & Advisor. You can reach him at cell# +91-9322097004. Below articles are intended for informational purposes only. Many home owners are vulnerable when it comes to Redevelopment of building or society. The most common query that arises in their minds is, when, who a how

Modular Kitchens in new Building. May be not

Recently, Builders have stopped giving Modular kitchens in newly constructed Buildings, if you are getting one, we recommend to avoid it. Reason is not all clients are sure whether they want to have Modular kitchen, hence Client & builder should not end up spending or rather waste money. Instead we suggest builders to give kitchen