Wall mixture is a single unit fitted where the entire unit is visible unlike concealed shower panels. Bathroom wall mixer 2 in 1 unit is called so as it comprises of 2 features viz.
(i) overhead shower and
(ii) the spot (bucket filler.

The hot and cold water knobs are present as default in all wall mixture types. Say you want luke warm water, you can turn on both the knobs i.e. hot and cold water on at the same time. The knobs fixed to the wall mixture in 2 in 1 wall mixture are in open fitting style. You can change or replace the knobs, spout and shower whenever required. You have quarter turn knobs used for hot n cold water as modern style in wall mixtures. These quarter turn knobs have cartridge that has replaced washer(indians usually pronounce it as wiser) used in basic knobs.

Basic knobs are those you keep turning it to receive water in full pressure. But Cartridges used in latest design knobs enable smooth movement and are durable then vicars used in basic knobs.

If not open style wall mixture, you can have single lever diverter fitted to your bathroom. Single lever diverter is a single unit that features 3 things. Single lever diverter when turned left or right, it give hot and cold water respectively and also features bucket filling option.

Difference between Single Diverter and wall mixture

a) Single lever diverter is usually concealed fitting unlike wall mixtures. The Bathroom wall looks much neater and stylish with single lever diverter then wall mixture.

b) Wall mixture fittings can be easily changed comparatively coz of open fitting style. For single lever diverter the unit needs to be opened and needful is done.

Brands – You can choose from various brands like Plumber, Velvet, Parryware, Jaguar, Fyne, etc. easily available in market.