I have a flat in Pune and planning to renovate the bathrooms. Have heard about concealed wash basin and counter-top wash basin. Which is more durable and looks elegant ?

You have different types of washbasin bowl style to choose from- like built in or concealed wash basins, wall mounted wash basin & counter-top wash basins. In case of space constrain many home-owners opt for Wall mounted wash basin as they save space.

In comparison to concealed wash basin, counter top wash basin is more durable. Most Concealed Wash basins are usually made up of china clay that undergoes several heating process to manufacture a basin bowl. Because of the clay and heating process it goes through, the concealed wash basins develop minor hair cracks in short span, say 4-5 years.

Though it’s a minor hair crack, it is near center & sometimes visible. Changing concealed wash basin involves breaking the basin and surrounding area and installing a new one, which is quite a task and money spent on.

Whereas counter-top wash basins can easily be changed if needed. Counter top wash basins are quite a durable product. Cracks or stains are not that easily developed in counter-top wash basins.

The only disadvantage is that while using basin, any water that gets splashed & thrown on counter, stays on platform. You have to wipe & clean this counter every now & then.

If work is done with correct steps, none of these wash basins – concealed or counter-top basins have leakage problem.