Time to repair Bathroom. Here are several accessories that used while renovating Bathroom in India. Plumbing, tiles, Geyser, Mixer unit, Hot & Cold unit, Shower, Hand shower, Bath tub with shower panels & Mixer.

For modern bathroom – bathroom cubes & shower panels are also used.

Most of the Bath tubs are simple. Some tubs are with Jacuzzi system. Jacuzzi system involves mainly nozzles fixed in tub & a motor fixed outside the tub. With the help of motor, air & water pressure is passed through nozzles & bubbles are formed.

Accessories used in Toilets

The main accessories are
(I) pan (closet) which comes in two types
1. Indian:- Indian closet with flush wall
2. Western(Commode):-In this two types are there
(a) wall hanging Commode(it doesn’t touch the ground)
(b) running Commode with flush tank

(II) Jet spray or hand spray attached with cock.

Anglo Indian Commode comes with foot rest hence can be used in both Indian way & western way.