Grounding is technical word to earthing. Earthing/grounding is done so that the excess charge (be it positive or negative) flows to the ground. Once earthing/grounding is done, the excess charge is balanced by transfer of electrons between the charged object and ground/ earth. If there’s grounding done in society a home-owner will not receive shock while using electronic appliance with wet hand.

If you have noticed the Electrical Wiring Process, there are 3 wires/cords, one is the neutral phase/wire, live wire and the 3rd one is for grounding. Grounding is done for 3 main purpose – High/over voltage protection, voltage stabilization and to provide current path to enable the operation of over current electric equipment’s.

Kitchen & Bathroom grounding

Grounding is very important in house, but especially in kitchen and bathrooms. This is because most of the times the home owner’s hands are wet while operating electrical appliances. In bathrooms, while switching on-off the geyser, hands can be wet or in kitchen while operating food processor, microwave, fridge, and other appliances- home owners hands are found to be wet. Here grounding helps in preventing shock to person while using the appliances with wet hands.

How does grounding process work

For grounding/ earthing an ELCB is installed differently in distribution box (MCB). ELCB stands for Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker, this is many a time referred as RCCB- Residual Current Circuit Breaker.

There are different power i.e. Ampere available from 63A to 100A and more. 63A is usually used for residential purposes. 40A is also available but is not recommended especially in areas/ region with moisture (weather) like Mumbai.

Here what will happen is the Distribution box (MCB) will keep tripping every now and then if it rains for longer duration of time. The electricity load of the entire house is on Distribution box. Say by chance a home owner receives a shock and the current automatically trips if there’s grounding done. This is a spontaneous process. The shock that home owner receives is at a minor level i.e. a feeling of pricking pin.