Wall papers or Wall Covering have evolved a lot over last 10 years. From a simple paper based material to it has moved high quality Vinyl finish.

Recently a Home Owner form Mumbai called us to know about it costs & application. Our Wall covering expert explained following:

The starting range for wallpapers is Rs 4,500/- which goes up to Rs 10,000/- . This price is per roll of wall Covering. Price vary with design, style and brand you opt for.

The wall Coverings / wall papers come in a roll, you will not get it per sq ft wallpaper piece. The size of this roll is standard i.e 57sq feet which are European and Metric Double rolls and 70 sq ft that are American Double rolls . 70 sq ft roll are quite rarely available. Most of the times we used 57 sq ft rolls only.
If wall covering/wall paper you have chosen is Plain in design we can utilise almost 54 to 55 sq feet of the roll for your wall where as floral and few other patterns will cover 50 to 52 sq feet. This is because for floral n few other patterns we have to match the design/ pattern while pasting. There could be small wastage in matching pattern.

Say you have a 2 BHK Home in Mumbai of 500 sq feet you wont cover whole home or even whole room with wall covering / wall paper.

In most cases, Wallpapers/wall coverings are generally used as a highlighter on particular wall in a room. This could highlighter behind your tv or behind bed or you decide to use it for one single wall inside room.

Could be in centre of the wall, or may be 3/4th of the wall on either side depending on clients choices.

As per market trend, if a Wallpaper or wall covering expert quotes you say Rs 8000 for the roll. This includes complete cost i.e material & cost of application at your home.