I met an electrician and just for my knowledge I asked him –

How does an electrician decide on the number of switches to be fixed in a room or 1BHK apartment? (And this is what he shared)

Usually the requirement of switches and switch boards in a room depends on a home-owner. But for a room 5 switches are minimum fixed- 1 for light, 1 for fan and a regulator, 1 for foot lights and others for plug points/ outlets. Foot lights are lights used as night lamps which traditionally were fixed in passage area of home.

Brands and types of Switches

There are top companies like Philips, Schneider, etc. that manufacture quite advance and best quality of colored switches too. The quality of these switches are the best. Indian brand Anchor Roma is popular in masses but it is OK.

These switches & plates are available in different shades/colors like black, brown, white, silver plated frames & switches, gold plated frames & more.

There’s an in built emergency light that many home-owners prefer these days. This light glows when there’s no light in the room. It glows and is quite helpful when suddenly electricity goes off. Since it is in the switch board, it helps you locate the same. It is the same size as other switches.

There are other modern switch type available like USB charging port outlet, dimmers, in built timers, etc. that are available in market. But as I said earlier, the switchboard can be customized as per home owner’s choice.

Always hire a good experienced electrician

A home owner need not have to worry if they have purchased good quality brand switches. But yes to install these switches & do the Electrical wiring, a home owner shall always take care of hiring a good Electrician.

A not so experienced or bad electrician may install the wire and switches in wrong which can lead to problems like shock circuit, tripping problem or it may even catch fire. A good electrician will have knowledge and therefore will do this job suitably & suggest a home owner if anything’s wrong. A bad/wrong electrician will provide bad quality and workmanship. Say for eg. An AC which is heavy load bearing electric equipment, if the wire is not tightened as needed and kept loose, then the socket will burn in few days’ time & it will start tripping unnecessarily.