The Chronicles of development Decorative Veneer

Veneer is a time honored creation. If we look into the History of Veneer, ancient Egyptians were the first to produce thin sheets of wood from logs. Well the real date for when veneer came into market is unsure. Prehistorically, that is during 1947’s furniture, artifacts or wooden items was made directly from log of

Carpenters in Pune

(This article is contributed by one of Interior Designer) I was in Pune at my friends place few days back where I met few carpenters as my friend wanted to get a wardrobe (7’x7’size ) made. This is because I wanted to get a better deal for my friend. I met carpenters who gave me

Wardrobe Estimate in Delhi

I received a call from Delhi few days back asking me for a wooden wardrobe estimate. This is what we had to say. Before giving an estimate, a contractor needs to study the area i.e.  - is the wall straight or not?  Are the floor and ceiling aligned? Are there any slopes to be take

12mm Plywood for Wardrobe

12mm ply inside wardrobe is used for making back portion of your wardrobe. Usually for the verticals 19mm Ply is used. Verticals are goign to take lot of weight of wardrobe so 19 mm is recommended. However if you are not goign to fill lot of heavy stuff inside your wardrobe, 12 - 15mm is

Plywood Wardrobe Rates Bangalore

Most important material used in making Wardrobe is Plywood. If we talk about branded good quality ply then Plywood Rates are pretty much standard across city. Hence Wardrobe Prices in Bangalore should be almost same as Wardrobe prices in Mumbai or Delhi. Next comes laminate, again in branded laminate prices are same across India. It

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