किचन कुकटॉप और किचन हुड/चिमनी के बीच कितनी दूरी होनी चाहिए ?

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यह आर्टिकल अंग्रेजी , मराठी और गुजराती भाषा मैं उपलब्ध हैं। Important : जरूरी जानकारी : घर के मालिक को किचतेहं हुड या चिमनी केवल कंपनी अधिकृत तकनीशियन से ही स्थापित करवाए। . किचन चिमनी २ प्रकार के उपलब्ध है डक्ट-समर्थ (Duct-able ) और सक्षम (Recirculation ) डक्ट-समर्थ चिमनी में चिमनी को एक डक्ट पाइप

કેટલું અંતર ગેસ (cooktop) અને રસોડામાં હૂડ / ચીમની વચ્ચે પૂરતું છે ?

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આ આર્ટિકલ અંગ્રેજી , હિન્દી અને મરાઠી ભાષામાં ઉપલબ્ધ છે. કુલ બે પ્રકાર ની ચીમની હોય છે રસોડા માં Duct-able & Re-circulation able. Duct-able ચીમની માં, એક પાઇપ જોડવામાં આવે છે ચીમની સાથે જે તમારા રસોડા માંથી ધુમાડો, ગંધ, ગરમી અને બીજા કણો ઘર ની બહાર લઇ જાય છે.જયારે, Re-circulation able માં અશુદ્ધિઓ, ધુમાડો, ગંધ

Induction Cooking or Flame/Gas Cooking- Which is best for India ?

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Firstly let’s understand what is meant by induction cooking and gas/flame cooking. What is Gas Cooking Gas cooking is cooking with flame on cooktops & hobs. A gas cylinder is required to ignite flame for cooking purpose. What is Induction Cooking Induction cooking is not like typical cooktops or hobs. Induction cooking is electric cooking

Does Cooking with Built-in-Hob take more Time

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I met a home owner from Pune last week saying - “I have a gas Built-in-Hob at my place, while a cooktop at my mother’s place. After using each of them, I realized that Built-in-Hob takes more time to cook and consumes more gas as compared to a gas cooktop.” Indian Burners vs European style

Buying Kitchen Hood – should you get Ducted or Ductless ?

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Kitchen hood is a mechanical device you will see in kitchens of many modern homes. The hood contains a canopy that covers area right above the stove and a fan or blower to remove/throw the steam, odor and heat caused by cooking. This feature of hood helps maintain kitchen environment while cooking and makes cleaning