Traditionally,Window Grills were used only for safety purpose.

Even today the main function of grill remains the same, but its design and style has gained equal importance as safety. Window grills not only add to design and style of home interiors but also make windows look more attractive.

Window and Balcony grills today can be constructed or welded into any design, be it simple or intricate ones.There are many styles and designs readily available too that home owners can consider for their windows. As I said before, the key feature of the window is the beauty of the grill.This is usually applicable for classic homes where beauty with style is of prime importance.

However, for modern and contemporary homes, minimalistic and simplicity is the key feature. The style of windows and grills too tends to be simple where the main focus is on quality.Grills are something that one wouldn’t readily change. With simple design grills home owners need not have to worry for changing the design as basic design goes well with all interior type. Also the maintenance cost involved is almost zero with regular cleaning. Here with regular cleaning too we mean dry dusting it.

Basic view to How Grills are Made

To construct a window or balcony grill, the material i.e. metal or steel is cut in straight pattern. The grill material is then molded as per the design. For complex or intricate design, dye is made. For example, for diamond shape grill with center design, the center design which is usually very intricate is dye-pressed.

For homeowners who have hired architects, the grill design chosen by them will be as per home interior layout and design.

How Cost of Grill Varies

The cost of grill will depend on material consumption. For intricate design, raw material usage will be more and therefore the grills with intricate designs cost more. For artificial design, the material needs to be heated on extremely high temperature for it to bend or take the desired shape. By artificial we mean too curvy or intricate design. Also To create such designs, time taken and efforts to create it is lot more. Many a time for too intricate or small design patterns, dye is made. Also the molding job increases, which increases the final grill cost.

Therefore you can say,
Simple Grill design come for quite an economic rates, while window or balcony grills cost increases with design sophistication.

For a city like Mumbai,

One will get to see sophisticated window and balcony grill designs in town area. Whereas in western region of Mumbai, one will see more of simple and basic grill design.