Digital printing is a method of printing from a digital based image directly on several of media or surfaces. Digital printing is professional printing method, where pictures or images are printed through desktop or other digital sources using high volume laser or inkjet printers.

Digital printing is much of an easier and quicker process then traditional analog printing. With digital printing one need not have to replace printing plates like analog printing method. Therefore the cost involved in digital printing is low as compared to analog printing.Digital printing makes it easier for to make last minute changes to print job. Also the file preparation is less complicated. Digital printing could be very slightly of lower quality than offset printing, but the difference is often insignificant.

Application of Digital Printings

Digital printing is used in different fields like home and office, personalized printing or custom printing, fine arts, Advertising, Photo Labs and last but not the least Architectural Design too.

Digital printing in Architectural Design

Digital printing has enabled transform both, interior as well as exterior spaces to modern new world. Right from wall murals to floor graphics to entrance doors, digital printing has bought in style to architectural structures.

Design Software required for Digital Printing

There are various design software’s today. But, for digital printing, client needs to send a Corel Draw file of the design or image that needs to be printed. To print any kind of image or motif, on any type of surface, a printer will always require a Corel Draw file. The design needs to be in form of vector image. A printer will not work or print anything with this Corel Draw file.

Application of digital printing for Home Interiors

Another important aspect that a digital printing vendor needs to know is the application. I mean the vendor needs to know in which area of home interior will the digitally printed material is going to be installed.

Let me explain this in detail. Let’s say, a client asked me to print a scenery image on MDF, which I do. This MDF is installed in bathroom which Client failed to share this before. MDF is not water resistant and therefore the purpose of having it printed and installing in bathroom will make no sense. MDF will be impaired over a period of time.
If client would have shared this before, we would have suggested other waterproof material like glass. Also if necessary, we could have treated the material accordingly. A contractor will never make such mistake because this is his field, he would surely know what material to use where.

Process of Digital Printing in Brief

For digital printing on any material be it wood, tiles, marble, and glass or stone the material needs to be sent to the vendor. The vendor will carry on with printing. Once printing process is complete, the vendor will send the digitally printer material back to the client.

Digital Printing on MDF

MDF i.e. medium density fiber board is an engineered wood made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers, often in a defibrator, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. There are two grades of MDF available (i) interiors grade and (ii) exterior grade. Both these have individual properties. The exterior grade MDF id water proof and that’s why used in areas where water contact is expected. Digital Printing on MDF is usually done for high-end wardrobe shutters and cabinets.

Shape Cutting

MDF can be cut in any form. For digital printing to, if the design suggest, MDF can be cut through laser cut machine.