Types of Trees

There are various types of veneer species available in India. The type of species vary mainly with geographical location and therefore weather conditions too. Different types of tree species across India Like in Kerela, one will find abundant growth of Rubber trees. Therefore you have ample of veneers made of rubber manufactured in Kerala. Other

SHERA Deco’ Board

Home owners can now create spaces as stunning as their imaginations effortlessly with SHERA deco’ board. These deco’ boards are low-maintenance wall cladding and panels help home owners add a fresh touch of style to their interiors. Moreover, these eye catching boards come in eight flamboyant textures like Blossom, Cassia, Cassiano, Drop, Rocco, Stucco, Wave

3D Design Project for Ankleshwar, Gujarat

Here is one of the 3-D design service project that we completed for Mr. Patel’s 3-BHK apartment in Ankleshwar town, Gujarat. Ankleshwar is a very active Industrial zone in Bharuch district,Gujarat. This town is known for its industrial township called GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation). Ankleshwar has an office of the ONGC (Oil and Natural

European Standards set for Laminate Flooring

Today with awareness and avant-gardism, there is a wide array of designs and styles easily available in Laminate floor covering. The quality of Laminate floor covering differs with manufacturers too. Different manufacturers claim to have the best of the quality laminate floor covering. To ease home owners worry, there are European standards set for Laminate

Giving Wood finish to Aluminum sections through Digital Printing

A new state of art is established, when design meets technology. Reproducing your imagination and adding style onto any surfaces can easily be done with direct application ink through digital printing. The only limit being is your imagination. The digital printing technology allows home owners to not only print your imagination but also have a

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