Lodha Palava City 1 BHK & 2 BHK – Interior Design Proposal

(This Interior Design Proposal is Prepared by Designer – Jatin Rathod, Mumbai)
Lodha group, one of the prominent builders in Mumbai calls Palava city as Mumbai’s sister city. Palava is located at center and is equidistance to Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan.

New Eastern express highway makes this place easy to reach all the way from […]

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Painting Rental Home

Many people are living in the home on rent or are getting their home painted before leasing out for rent. In such cases the big question is what will best value for money. How much should be spent in painting?

Distemper paint is your answer. No it’s not like your olden days lime painted wall […]

What’s Really Happening with Modular Kitchen in Small Homes in Mumbai

(These are some of the real life questions our readers have asked in past)

Q – I stay in Mumbai and own a sweet small house. Because of space shortage I have converted the balcony area as kitchen workspace. Do I get an option of having a Modular kitchen in such a small area or carpentery work is only option???

A – Working in smaller area is quite challenging, but yes you can definately look for a Modular kitchen. No matter how small or big the kitchen area is. In smaller area you will get smaller, basic n necessary cabinets. […]

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Interior Design for small Flats in India

Thinking about renovation in limited budget, very soon you are going to hit problems like
: lack of transparency
: confusion in buying building materials like Tiles, fittings etc
: fear of unknowns

When you start talking to Contractors – soon you realise that everyone uses different format of Estimate. QUotes are different & since there is not […]

Renovation of 1BHK flat

Planning to renovate your 1 Bedroom Hall Kitchen – First thing you should do is get the clear layout of your flat from Interior Designer or Contractor. This includes:

(1)Living room: How is the sitting arrangement, position of T.V, position of door opening where shoe rack can be adjusted.

(2)Bedroom: Position of bed, wardrobe & dressing […]