Before we compare marble with Vitrified Tiles, lets find what is happening with marble.

How is the quality of Marble over last few years. Is it getting better?

We get good marble only the Makrana. white marble is less in market now a days because this type of Marble they are mining it since years now. So good quality of this type is less. Only after Marble is been Mined and brought out on surface, you come to know it’s quality.

What is Italian Marble?

It is Marble, imported from Iatly. It is soft marble. Most of this Italian Marble are with figures and colours.

What is more in trend nowadays?

Marbles are been used less now a days. Vitrified Tiles are more popular for flooring

Marble floor polishing

Marble floor polishing

What is good – Marble or Vitrified Tiles?

Marble is life long.vitrified tiles has a coating like a color coating, if u have seen in these malls , offices, showrooms etc where more people come with their shoes and sandles, sometimes coating comes out and mud like surface becomes visible on surface. But for an average if you use it in home it stays for 10 to 15 yrs.

Vitrified tiles can be used just after 1 hour of fixing it. There is no need to Polish it like Marble. vitrified tiles comes in many designs and colors. You can select Size. It has a gloss effect so it looks good even at home and also in office and showrooms

Marble is life long. Vitrified tiles has a coating like a color coating.

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