Time taken to do Furniture for 1BHK

House interiors are not only restricted to colors of wall. Interiors is also about having matching furniture items, style, colors and much more. Furniture can truly transform the complete look of your house. It can either make you house look better or worsen the house interiors. Tip for homeowners to choose for Furniture’s Furniture items

1 BHK Interior Design

Here are few ideas to plan your interiors and pointers to help you while dealing with an Interior Designer/ Contractor. Living Room – Depending on size of family, decide for the seating arrangement firstly. These days for smaller living rooms, you can save the T.V unit space by wall mounting it. If at all you

Why you will not hire my Contractor to Renovate your home

Our contractors visit homes on request, they take measurements, understand requirements & share any ideas. Later, in 2 - 3 days, we send back Itemised Estimate. Many Home owners award us the work. However if there is major furniture involved I am usually not very positive to get the work. Problem is - Carpenters have

How not to Renovate Home for Indian Home Owners

Lets assume you are one of the Indian Home Owner who is planning to t renovate your Home. I know what probably you are going to do Step 1) Search for Contractors Option 1) you already know some Contractor or Option 2) you will start talking to your friends & Colleages or Option 3) you

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