33. Avoid Dark Colour on False Ceiling

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Interior Design Tricks Series– Video 33/ 35 Most Home owners do not understand what impact a false ceiling design will have on a room. Modern design revolves around usage of straight lines, white colors and spacious looks. You will never find a darker color on ceiling. Avoid too

25. Flooring Lines, Layout, Tile Size

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Interior Design Tricks Series– Video 25/ 35 Flooring Lines Once you have finalized Flooring material, next you have to figure out for what kind of pattern or Flooring Layout will get created in the room. Flooring Material always comes in form of small Slabs or Tiles. Big floor

Impregnating Sealer

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Impregnating Sealer are type of penetrating sealer that penetrate deeply into material, saturating it with molecules forming capillaries within. These capillary pores repel water, oils and other liquid from entering the material. Impregnating Sealers are silanes (inorganic compound) or modifies silanes. Some of the modified silane sealers penetrate deep enough, thus protecting the stone or

બાથરૂમ લીકેજ ઉપરના માળ થી

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બાથરૂમ માં લીકેજ થવાના ઘણા કારણ છે, તૂટેલી દીવાલ, ફૂગ વૃદ્ધિ, વગેરે। કોઈપણ કામ કરતા પહેલા, લીકેજ નું કારણ શોધવું જરૂરી છે. કારણ 1 જો તમારું બાથરૂમ બીજા માળે છે અથવા પાડોશી નું બાથરૂમ તે જગ્યાએ છે. સમસ્યા પાણી પુરવઠા લાઇન અથવા બાથરૂમ ફિટિંગમાં હોઈ શકે છે - વહેવાનો હરકોઈ જાતનો નળ અથવા નાલીમાં। અહીં

All about Stone Restoration

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I think for all of us home is a place where we feel proud of and comfortable too. The stone surface or say flooring of your home comes first in top elements list that adds style and awe to your home décor. Stone surface be it natural or artificial adds to oomph to overall appearance