Highlighter Types for Home Interiors

Home owners can highlight their walls using different sorts like - • Wallpaper • Glass • Texture Paint • Wood Panels • Stones or Stone Cladding • Highlighter Tiles • ONYX, Marble • ACP (ACP is very rarely used as highlighters for residential purpose) Each of above mentioned items can uniquely be used to bring

Aluminum Composite Panel – Product Review

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) is a flat panel of two or more aluminium sheets bonded to each other and then on non-aluminium core. It comes in variety of design & highly durable. On folding there is no sharp edges. Used for highlighter & ceilings. Bathroom ceilings are made using ACP. These are not scratch free.

Mosaic Tile Net – Product Review

Mosaic tile is a square piece of tile with an assembly of different coloured stones, glass, or a combination of it. These mosaic tiles are used in interiors as a highlighter. Mosaic tiles are used as border to the bed, a patch on the door or wall, highlight furniture units like T.V unit, or to

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