Single Lever Diverter – Product Review

Many Home owners prefer Single Lever Diverter for their modern bathrooms. Compact and space efficient, Single Lever Diverter is also known as concealed Diverter. This is because the water pipe and other necessary functional fittings get concealed in the wall. On your wall is an aluminium sheet with a single lever and overhead shower button,

Wall Mixer 3 in 1 – Product Review

Wall mixture is a single unit fitted where the entire unit is visible unlike concealed shower panels. Bathroom wall mixer 3 in 1 unit is called so as it comprises of 3 features- (i) Overhead shower and (ii) Telephone shower (commonly known as hand shower) (iii) Spout or bucket filler Hot and cold water knobs

Sink Vessel Bowl Rasin Pebble – Product Review

Tired of cleaning your standard white ceramic sinks ? Add beauty and style to your bathroom and kitchen with decorative resin vessel sink. Resin Vessel sinks are perfect for making a bold statement to your interiors. Resin vessel sinks are made of of hard plastic and are unbreakable. These basins are also tough and scratchproof.

Simpolo Vitrified Tiles 800×800 mm – Product Review

Simpolo Vitrified tiles, the finest quality Vitrified tiles largely used in Modern India. The name is derived from its manufacturing company Simpolo. Simpolo Vitrified tiles are majorly used to cover larger areas. They are used as flooring and walls for residential and commercial purposes like big homes, offices, airports, hotels, etc. Simpolo Vitrified tiles are

Floor Mounted & Wall mounted Toilet Seat – Product Review

Floor Mounted Toilets Modern days floor mounted units are known as couple closet WBC. These couple closet come along with the flush tank. Both the closet and the tank are made of ceramic materials. An S-trap drainage pipe that extends from bottom of the bowl and through the floor is fitted for floor mounted units.

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