Tile & Stone Installation – Grouts

Let’s understand what Grout means… Grouts are tile joint fillers used to join adjoining tiles laid either on floor or walls. Conventionally, white cement was used to fill the tile joints. But white cement easily breaks down due to daily maintenance which leads to dirt and stain in tile joints, water seepage, fungus and bacteria

Does Italian Marble get Stains

Italian marble is natural material. Every natural material has its property of absorption & porosity. High quality white Statuario Marble ranges between 1500 to 3000 rupees per square feet. It is too expensive, but the porosity of this marble is very less, it will absorb stains very easily. There is a process which eliminates chances

Types of Italian Marble Finishes

There are different types of finishes available in Italian Marble. These finishes are done on top of plain surface. When you buy Italian Marble it is absolutely plain. We can get it High Glossed Polished. Mirror Finish Polish & Diamond Polish are really smooth polish. You can see your own image in the marble surface.

How Safe is Concealing Electrical Wire under Floor

Concealed wiring is very common in modern homes these days. But what if an electrician’s suggest you to do concealed wiring through flooring ??? Well, Concealed wiring through flooring is not preferred by many home-owners as they think is not safe. But let me tell you that its 100% safe to have concealed wiring though

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