Time Taken to Remodel Kitchen

Kitchen, the most important room for every home makers since this is the room they spend most of the time. When it come to renovation or any other work in kitchen ,Every home maker gets curious about time taken to complete the given job. For every Home maker, here is a brief info on Kitchen

Basic know-how to Modular Wardrobes

Wardrobes in your bedrooms have different door opening styles- open-able door or hinged door style and sliding door style. Today in this modern world where space constrain is major problem, sliding door style wardrobe help save space with style. With Open-able door wardrobes and reduced space availability, home owners had to shift the side table

9 Tips for Designing a Modular Kitchen on a budget

In the growing trend of modular kitchens, the minimum requirement that you should be aiming for while considering to go for one is to make sure that the design is tailored to be practical and comprehensive. Modular kitchens come with ample customization opportunities, and you can make every nook and cranny serve a purpose. Although

Be the First to Read What Experts are Saying about Modular Kitchens in India

In cities, Modular kitchen have become a trend in a way, but in towns other then Metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkatta, Pune – people are unaware of it. These places still use old fashioned Kitchen platform. Main reason is that Modular Kitchen is fairly new concept & it is yet to reach small towns

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